Supermarket shelf arrangement and placement tips

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Many supermarket sales is to use an optional retail sales, mainly sales of practical, popular goods of life, it is a combination of supermarkets and discount stores management advantages, meet the demand of the consumer life shopping, arrange reasonable layout and scientific arrangement for customers shelves and display products plays an extremely important role in attracting customers.

Through novel, vivid and attractive shelf layout and product display, supermarket operation efficiency can be directly or indirectly improved. Xiaobian has sorted out some display skills for you, which can provide some good suggestions for placing supermarket shelves. Let's take a look.

1, best-selling goods must be placed in a high density place, supermarket space is limited, a wide variety of goods, but must be placed in good order, so that the goods are dense and compact. On the one hand, the limited space can be fully utilized, and on the other hand, the numerous products can also bring the customer a sense of diversity and completeness.

2. Products of the same type must be placed in the same category. Putting similar products together can help customers choose and consider the price and quality of different brands.

3. The layout of supermarket shelves should be relatively fixed. The fixed location of products provides convenience for old customers, who can quickly find the target products and easily complete the purchase.

4, to design the main road and auxiliary road of the supermarket, supermarket shopping channel is usually wide and straight, the purpose is to prolong the stay time of consumers in the supermarket shopping. Supermarkets can also use people's buying habits to place the most advertised products and the most profitable products on the right side of the main shopping area or main road. When customers pass by, they are attracted to some unwanted product, thus increasing the purchase rate of that product.

5, men reach the height of about 180 cm, female is about 165 cm, because the supermarket shelf at the top and bottom of the product is not easy to see, so these areas are usually used to show the low profit, complementary and a small number of products, also can undertake some different products on supermarket shelves at the top of the color adjustment and arrangement of some decorative items, To get consumers' attention.

6. Near the entrance, there are mainly low-margin items, but these items such as sweets, slippers, towels and so on have a fast turnover and are bought frequently, while expensive items such as tobacco and alcohol are usually stored in the rear of the supermarket.

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