Shelf material choice, iron shelf? Steel and wood shelves? Which is more appropriate?

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The supermarket industry is definitely the dark horse of 2021, which can develop steadily and rapidly in the sluggish situation of most industries. As supermarkets open more and more, the competitive pressure of supermarkets is also increasing. How can we become a supermarket with characteristics? The shelf part is absolutely important. The overall decoration of the supermarket shelf determines the style of the store. What is the material of the supermarket shelf? How do we choose? Let me share a little knowledge about supermarket shelves.

Supermarket shelf materials are mainly divided into two categories: iron (iron shelf), steel and wood combined (steel and wood shelf), each material has its different characteristics, mainly summarized from the following three points:

1. Material

Iron shelves or steel and wood shelves are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel to create the overall framework, anti-corrosion, load-bearing, long service life.

Iron shelves are generally through cutting, bending, acidizing phosphorus washing, automatic baking paint, the final product.

The wood of steel and wood shelves is paint-free wood grain board. We generally use density board or multi-layer board, which is safe and environmentally friendly, pollution-free and without harmful substances. It shows its temperament in various colors, looks more delicate and feels more textural.

2. Price

Iron shelf price is relatively cheap, steel and wood shelf price is slightly higher than iron shelf.

Iron shelves according to the carbon content and the thickness of the plate is different, bearing is also different.

Steel and wood shelves although the price is on the high side, but the appearance is beautiful, more suitable for fashion stores/supermarkets.

3. Store presentation of different shelves

Iron shelves are traditional and classic, but it is inevitable that there will be no style. Steel and wood shelves are more beautiful than ordinary steel shelves. Consumers subconsciously like beautiful consumer environment, but steel and wood shelves in stores can give consumers different consumer experience. It not only increases consumer stickiness but also increases the number of times consumers go to the supermarket.

Steel and wood combined with the shelf fashion, simple, generous, around the specific attributes of goods as a backdrop to the environment, stimulate customers to buy. There is also the combination of steel and wood shelves can make the store form an integral whole, so let steel add some wood elements, let people think of the original taste, wood ornament can highlight the grade, highlight the overall atmosphere of the store.

Of course, there is no absolute, if you are a township store, going to go cheap and convenient direction, you can choose to use iron shelves, iron shelves are economical.


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