Raw Material

Iron sheet, stainless steel, etc.

Cutting, Bending

Cutting the required shape by NC machine.

Welding, Grinding

Welding cut shape and beautifying weld scar.

Hang up the assembly line

Pipeline transportation to designated locations for the next step.

Surface treatment

Use silane for pickling, phosphating, spraying, etc.

High temperature baking

Fixation of plastic powder


Assemble the components.

Packing, Loading

Anti-collision filling, batch shipment.

Raw Material

Wood boards: density boards / multilayer boards / Charcoal-fired wood, etc.

Saw Plate

Saw the board into a suitable shape using cutting machines.

Edge Sealing

For external product lines only, there is no need for edge sealing at joints.


Assemble the components

Installation Accessories

Install required accessories according to customer requirements.

Packing, Loading

Bubble film with winding tape/cardboard.

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