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Suzhou keshun is a specialized enterprise integrated with R&D,manufacturing,and distributing various checkout counters,fruits & vegetables racks and relative products.

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[Company News]March --- Keshun company witness extraordinary strength!

Hello march!Time follows the ring, little by little through the epidemic under the city, everything is getting better and better. In March, all parts of the country return to work, everything is on the right track, the world is also following the track of spring, more and more beautiful, more and mo



[Company News]Life is not only about the past, but also about poetry and League building...

In the new year 2021 It's the coming of March 8 goddess day In order to show the company's concern for female compatriots and promote communication between colleagues And to celebrate this rare day, so... League building is comming...



[Company News]Boutique supermarket concept

As a derivative of "fast living", supermarkets have been popular all over the world since they were born in the United States in the 1930s. China's retail industry began to introduce the concept of supermarket in the 1970s. With the development of time, many places in China have been transformed from ordinary supermarkets to boutique supermarkets. And "high-quality goods" those who point to not only is commodity itself, of the supermarket decorate also appear all the more important. Now with respect to Ke Shun design department the effect chart case that gives to boutique supermarket place makes some simple introduction to everybody.


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