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Suzhou keshun is a specialized enterprise integrated with R&D,manufacturing,and distributing various checkout counters,fruits & vegetables racks and relative products.

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[Company News]5 Methods to Teach You How to Choose Supermarket Fruit and Vegetable Shelves

Choosing supermarket vegetable and fruit shelves is an important step in improving product display and customer shopping experience. Here are five methods to help you choose a suitable supermarket vegetable and fruit shelf:



[Company News]How to design shelves from the perspective of customers

In the retail industry, shelves are an important tool for attracting customers, displaying products, and promoting sales. Therefore, designing shelves from the customer's perspective is crucial as it not only enhances the shopping...



[News]How to Choose Shelves for Brand Snack Stores

The selection of shelves for branded snack shops is crucial, as it not only needs to meet the needs of displaying products, but also needs to conform to the overall style and brand image of the store. The following are several key factors to consider when selecting shelves:


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