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Suzhou keshun is a specialized enterprise integrated with R&D,manufacturing,and distributing various checkout counters,fruits & vegetables racks and relative products.

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[Company News]Display and placement of checkout counters

Every time we go to shopping malls or supermarkets, we always find that there are many kinds of display ways at the cashier. How can the cashier display and display correctly to obtain the maximum profit?



[Company News]How to avoid summer heat scientifically when high temperature comes?

The recent high weather temperature makes many friends very uncomfortable. In the high temperature environment, the human body sweats more, which is easy to make people lose appetite and cause digestive tract diseases. Some people suffer from photodermatitis due to prolonged exposure to strong light. Dizziness, irritability, fatigue and other symptoms are common in middle-aged and elderly people. The elderly are prone to increase blood pressure and heart load, which increases the incidence of cardiovascular system. Today, I bring you the precautions for hot weather. I hope you can have a cool summer vacation.



[Company News]Skills of shelf layout design in boutique supermarkets

The placement distance of supermarket shelves should be designed to ensure that guests can walk smoothly. For different goods, the requirements of supermarket shelves are also different, so the layout of shelves cannot be casually arranged in the supermarket. The pattern of the internal space of the supermarket will also affect customers' shopping mood, because its decorative layout often gives customers their first impression when entering the supermarket, It is also an important factor to effectively attract consumers to consume, so it is not allowed to be sloppy in the shelf layout design of boutique supermarkets. So what skills does the shelf layout design of boutique supermarkets need?



[Company News]Supermarket shelf arrangement and placement tips

Many supermarket sales is to use an optional retail sales, mainly sales of practical, popular goods of life, it is a combination of supermarkets and discount stores management advantages, meet the demand of the consumer life shopping, arrange reasonable layout and scientific arrangement for customers shelves and display products plays an extremely important role in attracting customers.


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