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Competitors are the best teachers. If you go to the supermarket, you will notice that the fruit and vegetable section or bread section is always located at the entrance of the supermarket, frozen food is usually placed at the exit of the supermarket, and the cashier is always filled with all kinds of small goods.

Supermarket operators so layout the placement of goods, according to the consumer habits of research results.There are thousands of supermarket goods, where to display them, with what way display, are exquisite. Today xiaobian to bring you a few supermarket goods placement tips, I hope you can bring the inspiration of the shop.

Vegetables, fruit and bread are placed at the entrance

Bright colored fruits and vegetables and fragrant bread have the magic to attract people's eyes. Fresh fruit and freshly baked bread can make people keenly feel the freshness of goods, and unconsciously think: this supermarket has updated products every day!

In addition, fruits, vegetables and bread are usually displayed on low shelves in supermarkets, which will not block the sight of customers, so that people can see the distribution of goods inside the supermarket at a glance, so as to stimulate their desire to enter the store and improve the customer flow of the supermarket.

Brand goods in the sub-channel

Supermarket sub-channel is the channel formed between supermarket shelves, how to attract customers into the sub-channel, in order to browse more goods? This requires the publicity and popularity of brand goods to attract customers to walk into and browse the goods on the shelves on both sides.

Placing relevant brand goods between the main channel and the secondary channel of the supermarket can also "block" consumers with clear purchase goals. In short, it is to use brand goods to arouse the curiosity of customers, so that customers can stop to browse more nearby products.

Hot items are on the third floor

As a supermarket operator, we must know: the "golden display position" of supermarket shelves: Asians are generally 160-170cm tall, so customers' eyes are mostly focused on the range of 100-150cm, which is the third and fourth floor of the shelf. It is easier for customers to find popular products here.

People's eyes are always used to scan the products on the supermarket shelves from top to bottom and from left to right. Therefore, placing popular products with high profits on the right side of a row of supermarket shelves can help promote the sales of popular products and bring high profits to the supermarket.

Refrigerated goods are close to export

Supermarket ice cream, frozen food, frozen drinks, yogurt and other frozen food, should not be exposed to normal temperature environment for a long time. By placing them near supermarket exits, customers don't have to worry about them melting as they shop, helping to increase the chances that consumers will buy frozen foods.

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