Supermarket equipment - columns in supermarkets can be treated like this

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In the supermarket opening process, layout design is a necessary part, is also the key to success, often a good supermarket layout design is the most basic expectation is no dead corner, then how to use the distribution of columns in the store has become a very important problem.

Many property structure is not very regular, there are many columns in the store, the conventional way is to use shelves to avoid the column, then how to avoid it? The simplest way is to arrange some posters or advertisements, as shown in the picture. The characteristics of posters are low cost and easy to replace.

Secondly, there are also many stores that choose to decorate into the style matching with the store's own image to form scenic spots and attract the flow of people. The disadvantage is that the investment is large, for small and medium-sized shops cost is not high.

​The third kind is also recommended by xiaobian. We can customize the column shelves according to the column size, which not only makes reasonable use of the store space, but also forms a unified store, and has both cost-effective, so the column shelves are also the most used in supermarkets/supermarkets.

Suzhou Keshun reminds you: if the position of the column is really partial, you might as well simply set up a rest area or book selling area, put a few stools to facilitate customers to rest, but also increase the popularity of the dead corner.


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