No barbecue, no summer! KeShun welcome the Dragon Boat Festival in a different way!

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In June, summer is coming like an appointment. The flowers are red and the willows are green, the birds are singing, and the summer is full of flavor!


June 11, Changshu's June has not been scorching sun, especially this is the second day after the rain, fresh air, suitable temperature, said to leave the mission building, arranged!

 Bid farewell to the tense work melody, go outdoors to breathe fresh air, feel the charm of nature in laughter, and understand the spirit of cooperation from team building. With light steps, we came to the destination of this trip, Zizhuyuan.



This is a hidden tea house at the foot of Yushan. It is decorated with ancient style and surrounded by green shade. It is very quiet.


The activity begins


Laughter, bathing in the spring breeze, enjoying the flowers and water, plus a delicious barbecue feast, enjoy the fleeting day - summer, is there anything more attractive than barbecue?



All the food materials and tools are provided by ourselves. You can experience the fun perfectly by yourself! Everyone is actively involved in washing vegetables, cutting meat, stringing meat, taking photos, clear division of labor, do their jobs, and soon ready for the barbecue ingredients!



The company is also very humanized. This time, we invite the owner of the barbecue shop to help us. Those who love food can enjoy the delicious food and those who like to do it can also show their skills.



While enjoying the delicious food baked by ourselves, we talked about some interesting things in our life and work, and the laughter lingered in the air with the smoke of cooking.






Besides barbecue, tea and fruit are also essential.






The barbecue group building activity was successfully concluded. The activity not only enhanced the feelings among colleagues, but also enhanced the cohesion of the company, showed the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, gained health and happiness, and added color to our work.



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