Skills of shelf layout design in boutique supermarkets

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The placement distance of supermarket shelves should be designed to ensure that guests can walk smoothly. For different goods, the requirements of supermarket shelves are also different, so the layout of shelves cannot be casually arranged in the supermarket. The pattern of the internal space of the supermarket will also affect customers' shopping mood, because its decorative layout often gives customers their first impression when entering the supermarket, It is also an important factor to effectively attract consumers to consume, so it is not allowed to be sloppy in the shelf layout design of boutique supermarkets. So what skills does the shelf layout design of boutique supermarkets need?

Placement requirements

When placing the shelves of boutique supermarkets, it should be noted that the display volume of 11 to 12 varieties per square meter should be reached, because each shelf of boutique supermarkets displays at least 3 varieties. At present, the commonly used supermarket shelves are 165-250 cm high and 90-200 cm long. The best display section of this kind of supermarket shelf is between the upper section and the middle section.

Goods on shelves

When placing boutique supermarket shelves in supermarkets, it should be noted that in the display of the other two sections of supermarket shelves, generally, the top layer usually displays the goods that need to be recommended, the lower layer is usually the goods that enter the recession of the sales cycle, and the second and third layers are the places where the eyes can easily see and get the goods. Therefore, at this time, the height of the gold display line placing the shelves of boutique supermarkets is generally between 85-120 cm, which is better.

Retention of internal space

The distance between the shelves of boutique supermarkets should ensure the smooth flow of passengers. It is not a problem for small stores to set shelves against the door of the store. Large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc. should calculate a reasonable distance according to the flow of people formed by the size of the store and the volume of business varieties. Generally speaking, the main channel should be between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, and the secondary channel should not be less than 1.2 ~ 2 meters.

Color of light in shelf area

Supermarkets have essential differences in area. Large supermarkets and small supermarkets will be different in decoration design because of their different area. In order to make the whole supermarket look bright, in addition to working on lighting design, attention should also be paid to color matching. Bright colors can make consumers feel relaxed and happy to a certain extent, and also highlight the lighting of the supermarket, It can effectively expand the overall area of the supermarket and bring consumers a bright and relaxed shopping environment.

Uniformity of commodity display

Whether the goods in the supermarket are neatly displayed will directly affect the shopping convenience of consumers. There are a lot of goods in the supermarket itself, and they are miscellaneous. If the display is not neat, it will greatly prolong the shopping time of consumers, and make consumers impatient in the shopping process. Such experience is also very bad. If the goods are neatly displayed, they are classified and displayed according to different attributes, When shopping, consumers can easily and conveniently choose the goods they need, which not only shortens the shopping time to a certain extent, but also enables consumers to shop easily and conveniently.


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