Display and placement of checkout counters

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Every time we go to shopping malls or supermarkets, we always find that there are many kinds of display ways at the cashier. How can the cashier display and display correctly to obtain the maximum profit?

First, the cashier should be placed in the middle of the shop, except for small shops. In the case of small shops with small passenger flow, it is not a big problem to put the cashier at the door. However, in the case of shops with large passenger flow, there will be congestion when the cashier is placed at the door, resulting in some customers unable to enter the store to buy.

Put a back cabinet on the back of the cashier, and put some promotional products or more attractive main products on the back cabinet, so that customers can see these products intuitively when paying. There will also be a desire to buy.

Beside the cash register, you can put some convenient products, such as drugstores, seasonal products, balm, toilet water and other mosquito repellent products. The supermarket can put some chewing gum, chocolate or small candy. Some small items that are easy to carry are easily put into the shopping cart when people pay.

In front of the cash register, you can do some sales promotion in the store. So that shoppers can clearly see which items can be discounted and which items can be used as coupons.

You can display a exchange counter next to the cashier, for example, you can exchange some other goods for the full amount of money in the store. In this way, customers can take the small ticket directly from the cashier to exchange it for purchase, giving customers a convenience. It is also a way of marketing.


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