Snacking at the Checkout Counter Facilitate Impulsive Consumption

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It is a common occasion that everyone finds something at the checkout counter which everyone finds appealing, and it becomes pretty hard for one to resist buying such items displayed on the checkout counter for supermarket. These snacks are pretty tempting, and the marketing department at the companies have done thorough research on the placement of all of their products as to where place them to make their sale skyrocketing. These snacks are placed in their right place and are no less than a temptation.

A person involuntarily buys them and ends up consuming nothing regarding health. These snacks are not health friendly rather they grab and go snacks which come in handy when there is nothing to munch on.

Why snacking is effective all the time?

Snacking at the counters is meant to allure the customer into buying things he has not planned to buy. The nature of these snacks is so much enthralling that they catch attention even if they are not in your interest. These are high-profit things which fall into the category of grab and go and are hard to ignore at the end of a shopping spree.


Even local shoe store which has nothing to do with such items prefer placing them on counter thus attracting profit even one is reluctant to pay for things. In a recently conducted on snacking to find whether the assortment and easy access to such items influence the consumer’s choices or not. They found the effect positive on the consumer and observed that placing the large assortment of snacks on the top of shelves make them more prominent and salient, thus leading to higher sales.

Does it work for every item?

It is highly dependent on nature if items being displayed. There is no ambivalence in this opinion that dairy products are always healthy and beneficial for human consumption. Therefore, anyone who has dairy products in the inventory list will buy them no matter what. But there are certain things which are not part of the inventory list, and if they are presented well, one may end up buying them.

Therefore, such items are placed on the checkout counter because while a person waits for the bill to be prepared, he starts observing things stacked on the counter and if he finds something appealing there, there is a good chance that he’ll buy that product. Therefore, snacking at the counter can be a good tool to boost one's sale.


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