New Stock: Vegetable Rack Displays for Supermarkets

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Solving the problem of placing vegetables and fruits in the kitchen is not an easy task. Kitchen cabinets and a refrigerator do not always cope with this problem. Sometimes it is necessary to arrange additional space that will be functional and accessible. Also in supermarkets, gone are the days when fruits and vegetables would be placed on racks, the vegetable rack display helps the durability of these fruits in the supermarket.

A rack for storing vegetables in the kitchen will allow you to conveniently arrange all the variety of fresh and tasty products, place them in tiers, and divide by type.


What is a vegetable rack display?

Such a stand is a construction that has neither doors nor walls. She has racks of different widths with sides, which are lined up one above the other (floor). They can be divided into floor dimensional models and desktop. Stand for fruit is often a table in the form of a multi-tiered hill.

Using the racks for vegetables and fruits for the kitchen or supermarket allows you to get a number of advantages. It saves space and maximum comfort. In addition, if you install the wheels, it expands the functionality of the floor rack at times.

Types of racks for vegetables in the kitchen:

  1. Wooden rack: this rack can be used for both supermarkets and in the kitchen. But when choosing a wood rack, it is worth considering the high humidity in the room, it must be treated with a special varnish.

  1. Metal racks: Metal is a very durable material, compatible with modern high-tech style. Often in the racks used baskets of metal rods. Beautiful and elegant look whatnot with wrought iron details. Mostly recommended for supermarkets and shopping malls too.

  1. The plastic rack: The plastic vegetable rack is ideally for home use, because they are fragile and cannot be used in the supermarket because of the heavier load of vegetable. The plastic rack is not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, it is supplied with convenient perforated baskets for storage. Their price is available; the only drawback is fragility.

  1. Glass racks: Depending on the style of the kitchen, a glass rack is the perfect combination of taste and reliability. Cozy look glass racks with prints.

There are many vegetable racks and can come in any shape and from a variety of materials. The choice depends on personal taste, the purpose of purchasing one and surely the budget involved.


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