Conversations at the Checkout Counter at the Grocery Store

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Every other day we get to visit supermarkets to buy grocery for our homes. It is an essential part of one’s life to deal with multiple people with numerous thoughts, and every other person is different regarding their behaviour, their attitude, the way they communicate, the way they deal with you and in almost every aspect of life. To deal with people of multiple types, one needs to understand how to deal with a people of a particular kind. One cannot deal with everyone in the same manner and expecting the other to respond similarly.

Everyone has their individuality, their own unique set of behaviours and manners and their response to different situations. There are people who act pretty cool when they face a difficult situation while some freakout and behave rudely to satiate their need anger needs. It comes with a big responsibility to deal with the customers and satisfy their needs by giving them the right information. By some chance or mistake, one provides wrong information to the customers then there is a good chance that he is invited a big rash towards the supermarket.


As an example, if somebody gets to you inquire about the availability of non-fat milk and you reply with the information of cosmetics section by giving him the directions of dairy milk refrigerator’s section, then definitely a bad mannered person will respond in anger by coming back to you however, it is your responsibility to deal with him in a professional manner by apologizing to him first for the wrong information.

Conversations at the Checkout Counter at the Grocery Store


At the convenience store checkout counter where people usually make sure that their bill has been properly paid and the amount they have paid commensurate with the prices of items, they have bought. They also make sure that all the items they have bought have been properly packed or not. The conservations that take place at this small cash counter is usually about the confirmation of payment of the bill.

The authorized person may ask, “May I have your bill?” Upon getting the bill and ensuring that payment has been made, he replies with “Thank you for shopping. Have a nice day Sir.” The conversation usually encompasses around arranging for help to carry goods to their vehicle if people are elderly. Personnel may ask, “May I help you with carrying goods?”

After all, it's about making the customers satisfied with their experience.


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