Introduction of the Fresh Supermarket Racks

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Nowadays, with the general improvement of people's living standards, the demand for fresh fruits is also growing. Whether it is a large supermarket chain or a small community supermarket, some fresh fruits will be sold to meet the needs of customers. In order to better display fresh goods, it is necessary to purchase special fruit and vegetables racks for display. Next, the vegetable rack manufacturer Keshun will introduce the style, size and material of the racks, let's learn about it.

fruit and vegetables racks

1. What are the styles of fresh racks?

According to the display requirements of different commodities, the fresh supermarket racks generally have three types: one-sided wall, two-sided mid-island and frame rattan baskets. Generally, small supermarkets use single-sided wall and double-sided mid-island models for vegetable racks. The larger scale will be based on the one-sided wall and the double-sided mid-island model, the matching display of the frame rattan basket is added for fruit and vegetable.


2. What are the sizes of fresh racks?

There are three styles of fresh racks, then there are of course three sizes. Take the fresh supermarket shelves produced on the shelves of Keshun as an example. The size of the single-sided shelves is L1000*W400*H1700mm/group; the size of the double-sided shelves is L1000*W800*H1500mm/group; the size of the rattan basket display is mostly custom size.

3. What are the materials of fresh racks?

The fresh racks that are often seen are made of iron, wood and steel. However, considering the convenience of fruit and vegetable display and customer convenience, a woven rattan basket or wooden frame will be used on the shelves to make the products perfect displayed.


The steel fruit and vegetable shelves are usually made of square pipes or high-quality steel columns and frame structures processed by NC welding technology. And color changes can be adjusted arbitrarily, more to meet the needs of personalized customers. In the meantime, the fruit and vegetable basket that steel fruit and vegetable rack use high-quality plastic or iron commonly.


Fruit & Vegetable Racks Advantages

1.Compact structure: because the wooden structure of the fruit and vegetables are usually fixed wooden structure.

2.Flexible, convenient.

3.Steel multi-layer form of fruit and vegetable shelves

4.Environmental: The wooden fruit and vegetable rack uses the cedar wood board or the pine wood board processing generally, compared with the EO class environmental

protection plate uses a little. Wood surface for scratch-proof and environmental protection varnish, the legs of the injection molding materials, hardware combination.

5.Generous appearance: wooden fruit and vegetable shelves are characterized by beautiful and generous appearance, suitable for dry goods store grain and rice stores and fruit and vegetable stores to use. All wooden fruit and vegetable shelves should be painted immediately after installation. Therefore, the choice of fruit and vegetable shelves is based on the two different shelves for selective purchase. Steel fruit and vegetable shelves can be divided into package transport, transport more convenient, you need to install, there will generally be a professional installation company.


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