What are the Design Skills of Supermarket Cabinets and Shop Door Design?

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At present, the domestic economic level and living conditions are getting better and better. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the supermarkets in the streets and alleys are also opened for a large amount. Then we should pay attention to some points when opening supermarket shops. Let's talk to you about several aspects that need to be noted.

Promotional Display Stands

Door design


The design of the door of the small supermarket is like the design of the door of the grocery store and it requires simple, elegant and eye-catching appearance. First, there must be a sign that is easy to remember with a beautiful name to attract customers' attention and make a deep impression. Secondly, the name of the store on the signboard should reflect the positioning and characteristics of the small supermarket. If conditions permit, double-sided glass windows can be designed on both sides of the small shop door and the recommended products of the current month and the week are carefully displayed to attract customers to watch and buy.

Interior decoration

The interior decoration of a small supermarket must be practical, concise and generous. The colors of the walls and ceilings are dominated by simple, crisp whites. The floor can be made of moisture-proof, non-slip, durable tiles. When doing interior decoration, you should consider issues such as fire prevention and theft prevention. In addition, fireproof materials should be used for decoration, walls and ceilings should not be over-decorated as much as possible. The circuit should be designed and modified by professional and the wires and power plugs should be of high-quality products produced by regular manufacturers. The passage shall be equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment such as fire hydrants and fire extinguishers. Meanwhile, the entrance and exit of the store shall be set larger to ensure smooth flow. The windows shall be equipped with anti-theft nets and the security doors or rolling doors shall be installed outside the warehouse doors and shops.


Cabinet design

Small supermarket cabinets are various such as bulk cabinet, promotional display stands etc. The store owner can purchase cabinet according to the store area for combination. Adding a uniform end to each row of cabinets can make it look more beautiful and increase the display area. In order to coordinate the overall style of the small supermarket, the cabinets should be matched as much as possible. When placing the cabinet, you can place three rows on the three walls of the store first, so that it is in the shape of “door” and then arrange 3 to 6 rows according to the space of the store, so that it can be discharged in an orderly manner. The cabinets should be about 1.5 meters apart. When designing the placement of the cabinets, consciously use the cabinets to partition the merchandise. Small supermarkets can be divided into several functional areas such as condiments, non-staple foods, daily necessities, tobacco, wine, and tea according to the types of products. When zoning, pay attention to placing the cabinets displaying the best-selling goods closer to the entrance of the store. 


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