Boutique supermarket concept

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As a derivative of "fast living", supermarkets have been popular all over the world since they were born in the United States in the 1930s. China's retail industry began to introduce the concept of supermarket in the 1970s. With the development of time, many places in China have been transformed from ordinary supermarkets to boutique supermarkets. And "high-quality goods" those who point to not only is commodity itself, of the supermarket decorate also appear all the more important. Now with respect to Ke Shun design department the effect chart case that gives to boutique supermarket place makes some simple introduction to everybody.

The picture is Ke Shun supermarket concept decoration


Washing section

In this design Demo, the current popular log color is used as the main tone, and the industrial style suspended ceiling, wood grain floor and floor tile Mosaic are introduced, which not only serve as the basic structure to connect the functional areas of the supermarket, but also create differentiated visual effects through different combinations of changes to foil the theme of each area.


Wine zone

Wine area with unique style of wine shelves and combination of display shelves are refreshing, so that customers can also feel the unique design style of these display cabinets when choosing the wines they need.


Rice area

It is often said that "man is iron, rice is steel", the steel and wood structure of the rice shelves bring people with a sense of thickness, with it to carry the rice called "steel" is the most appropriate. They are simple in structure and simple in assembly, which can maximize the storage and display functions of the shelves.


Cosmetic area

Wooden ceiling is added in the daily chemical area to create an atmosphere, which adds an unusual experience to consumers and also has lighting function.


Checkout area

The cashier operation is not only a simple checkout service for customers, but also plays a special role in attracting customers' attention. Generally, the cashier area is regarded as the "facade" of the supermarket, which can change the image of the supermarket and enhance the level of the shopping place.

The S form of the cashier area is pushed around to give the customer a sense of a kind of order, when putting more checkout desk, it can save a space again, leave the space to aisle, avoid the customer to have a kind of "squeeze" feeling. To some extent, improve the circulation rate of goods, speed up the customer's checkout time.


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