Life is not only about the past, but also about poetry and League building...

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In the new year 2021

It's the coming of March 8 goddess day

In order to show the company's concern for female compatriots and promote communication between colleagues

And to celebrate this rare day, so...

League building is comming...

This time, we will not talk about products, business or work… 

We just talk and laugh

This is the destination of our trip


Store as its name

A tea room hidden at the foot of Changshu Yushan


Since it's a teahouse

Tea is essential (take a group photo first)


All the friends who like outdoor went to climb the mountain

(Let's give a round of applause to our Xiaomeng for taking photos,

After all, Xiaobian, a fat man of more than 300 tons, can't climb up)

The afternoon entertainment is over

The next dinner is of course the top priority

There are so many delicious food on the table

Obviously, we can see that the owner of the shop is serious about food

Even if it's a plate, it's a lot of work


At the end of the activity, another hand gift,

Through the League building

Improved understanding among team members

Make us more united!


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