How to Use Your Checkout Counter to Make More Sales

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No doubt, the checkout counter serves as the spot where a shopper automatically changes to a paying customer. That’s also an important spot in your retail store. This is because it contributes to the overall customer experience and also affects how much sales you make.

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So far, managing the checkout counter is a big challenge to most retail stores who find it difficult to get people there in the first place. And what could be the result here? Poor sales of course!

Now, we will present you with key strategies that will help you to utilize the power of your checkout counter and boost your sales. Let’s get started!


Allow for Impulse Purchases

One way to utilize the sales-boosting power of your checkout counter is to stock merchandise which often bought on impulse. Most times, shoppers engage in impulse buying with little or no knowledge of the consequences or how much they could be spending in the long run. For others who have spare cash on them, the checkout counter is a perfect spot to get them to get more.

Now, how do you encourage shoppers to make an impulse purchase? You can actually do this by stocking your checkout counter with relatively low cost, novel products and merchandise that is appreciated or loved by every regular customer. Once a shopper stands at a checkout counter it’s easier to subtly suggest making small, impulse purchases.

Anticipate customer needs

Rather than just stocking the checkout counter space with a lot of product varieties, you can identify general customer needs and try to get those specific products around.


Empower Your Employees to Make Last-Minute Sales

Though good products have a way of speaking for themselves, you don’t have to neglect the human factor. Good interaction with your customers is a great way to boost your sales. That’s an advantage too.

How do you achieve this? A great way to do this is by starting conversations that could lead to more sales. How? Employees working around the checkout counter can ask if the customer would like to add on any specific product relevant to an item the customer has already bought. Again, you can ask if the customer found everything he/she needed.

The best set of people to do these are employees who are well educated on upselling strategies.

While you stock those amazing products, do not neglect the impact of good conversation.

Secure Customer Loyalty

Another perfect way of boosting sales at the checkout counter is by offering free loyalty rewards programs instead of having employees actively sell more at checkout counters. Customers should be offered the opportunity to enroll in this program for a chance to earn coupons, points and exclusive sales of specific products.

Make Your Checkout Counter an Inviting Space

This point talks about the proper execution of your checkout counter space. If your checkout counter is crowded after dealing with a long queue, it could lead to a stressful experience for the customer. This means that he/she can easily decline any idea of getting more items. Your customers would only be interested in leaving the mall as soon as possible.

Good space around your checkout counter is inviting and pleasing to any customer. He/she has space and time to go for more items.



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