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Checkout Counter Description

The Checkout counter is a necessary part of the shopping mall and supermarketl, more and more attention is paid to customers, checkout counter is commonly known as the payment desk. It is the place where customers pay for transactions, and also the place where customers stay at the end of the store.

The good or bad impression made by customers here determines whether they will come for a second visit. For any retail store, the importance is self-evident in addition to the main function of cash register, the checkout counter will play a special role in attracting customers' attention. in fact, checkout job is more than simply a checkout service for customers, just because the cashier has completed the collection doesn't mean the store's sales are over, It also includes an attitude of politeness towards customers.

Advantages of Checkout Counter

1. Elegant Apperance.  Improve the image of shopping malls and supermarkets, and improve the level of shopping places.
2. Convenient to the customer. can put the item of choice on it, reduce the burden of shopping.
3. Save customer time. Improve the circulation of goods, expedite checkout time for customers, avoid customers abandoning shopping for long delays.
4. Compact structure, small floor space, saving supermarket space.

Checkout Counter Material

1. Steel supermarket checkout counter can be disassembled and assembled
2. Custom checkout counter for shopping mall,  generally for the paint surface, wood texture veneer
3. All kinds of boutique plaid shop checkout counter
4. Hotel reception desk, large size, woodworking site production


Checkout Counter Customization Guides

Some basic information you need to know about customizing your checkout counter :
Any size
All RAL/PANTONE colors are available.
Most of checkout counters require accessories, such as shopping bag holder, keyboard holder and so on.
Material is 0.8-1.5mm
Metal sheet and stainless steel ABS anti-collision strips
Anti-slip strips on the bottom
Design customization of the cash register is very important. the designer will draw the drawings according to your idea or photos to meet your needs.
Surface finishing is Plastic powder coated and protection against the tide and sun.
Quality assurance is normally 2 years
Package is standard export package of wooden case or carton, safe enough for long-distance transportation.
In a word, checkout counter  is a set of multiple collection methods, powerful functions, wide application range, simple operation, can help merchants achieve precision marketing, personalized services system
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