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Suzhou keshun is a specialized enterprise integrated with R&D,manufacturing,and distributing various checkout counters,fruits & vegetables racks and relative products.


  • Jun
    [Company News] How Many Kinds of Checkout Counters in the Market?

    A markets design and products decide whether it will be a hit or not. The way it is designed would either make the customers happy and comfortable or make then run away. Things like shopping carts, baskets, checkout counters, aisles and the proper sequence of products in a market enhance its beauty and compel customers towards it.

  • Jun
    [Company News] How Can Vegetable Rack Help Supermarket Reduce Wastage and Increase Sales?

    Vegetable racks are essential for every supermarket. They are capable of keeping the veggies neatly. Each vegetable and fruit rack makes the veggies and fruits look good. These racks also make shopping more comfortable for the customers as the veggies and fruits are present in an organized manner.

  • May
    [Company News] Should Small Grocery Store Install the Checkout Counter?

    For years, many people are making use of debit and credit cards at grocery stores. Still, some individuals like to purchase by using cash. Conversely, money provides several advantages, which include convenience, reduced risk of identity theft, and so forth.

  • Jun
    [Company News] Focused on Supermarket Cash Counter: A Simple Way to Choose It

    One of the most important pieces of equipment for stores and supermarkets are checkout counters. When they were invented they were not much more than a way of adding up the sales that were being made to a customer or over a period of time as well as a place to keep the sales money.

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