Halogen-Dazs and more Grocery Store Use Ice Display Case

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Just like the refrigerated showcase, the fresh display rack makes it possible to present the ice creams to the customers while keeping them at the right temperature. The showcase is not a storage space! The quantity and positioning of the products deliver an intuitive message to the customer and symbolize the image of the shop. This is the reason why Haagen-Dazs and more grocery store use ice display case.        

ice display

Other windows with variable temperature include:

· the heated showcase ,

· the illuminated window ,

· the rotating showcase .

Ice showcase: a mobile showcase

The ice showcase has two main functions:

· the presentation of ice creams and sherbets,

· keeping at the right temperature.

The ice showcase is an indispensable tool used by ice cream professionals to present and highlight perfumes while keeping ice cream at the right temperature.

Whatever your business, this type of showcase can be installed in various places:

· at the counter of your restore point,

· in front for take-away,

· in a dining room for buffets at will.

All the benefits of the ice showcase

From a commercial point of view, the ice cream shop is a strategic choice that reconciles regulatory obligations in ice cream preservation, while ensuring their visibility by consumers.

Thus, the ice showcase allows:

· to value your products,

· to arouse the desire to consume,

· to increase your sales,

· to stand out from your competitors.


Different models of ice showcase

The models of ice showcase are varied, which makes it possible to answer the needs of all the merchants:


· adapted to the layout of your business or your image,

· various materials,

· different storage capacities,

· different depths of ice boxes, etc.

The main types of ice showcase:

· static cold ice showcase,

· ventilated cold ice showcase,

· showcase to pose or mobile showcase .


Depending on the activity you are doing, it will be better to look to one model rather than another. Thus, ice-shop offers  refrigerated counters  specially adapted for the preservation of  meat  in a  butcher shop  but also models designed to store  pastries  in a  bakery .

For large commercial areas that need a large space for the display of their entire range of fresh products it is possible to have customized countertops with a remote motor to ensure optimum conservation while limiting consumption energy.

Price of the ice showcase: a big investment

The price of an ice cream display depends greatly on the model chosen and its capacity.

However, to stand out from the competition, there is no need to showcase a product already on sale at the competition, unless it is at a particularly attractive price. Instead, bet on the difference, the novelties or the innovative services offered by your shop. For example, offer an annual subscription inviting the customer to come every month to pick up a basket full of samples or seasonal products to discover. This principle is inspired by boxes that are currently on the web.


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