How to Clean the Vegetable Racks for Grocery Store Well?

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The vegetable storage rack is a very important equipment in the grocery store. It plays a vital role in the proper display of foot items (fruits and vegetables). Customers who visit the store are able to locate the fruits and vegetable. Apart from the display of these food stuff, the vegetable rack also serves as a temporary store for these group of foods. They provide a conducive environment to prevent these fruits and vegetables from spoilage.

vegetable storage rack

Now, every grocery store owner should be concerned about maintaining the vegetable rack. This way, the rack performs its function and lasts for a long period of time.

But what are the right ways to clean the vegetable racks for grocery store?

Let’s learn!

1. With a soft cloth dipped in clean water or dishwashing detergent, gently scrub the fruit holder and then submerge in water to make a detergent cleaning.

2. If you make use of baskets, then each of them should be cleaned thoroughly with a soft cloth dipped in a soapy water.

3. Cleaning the vegetable cooler housing and the handlebar with a soft damp cloth every day.

4. If there’s any stain that is resistant, you can make use of a soft brush to take off the stain.

5. The inner wall after cleaning, use a soft cloth bathed with glycerol clean the sides of frame.

6. Use cloth soaked in alcohol to clean the sealing strip. If you do not have alcohol clean the sealing of strips for1: 1 vinegar water disinfection effect is very good

Through the above steps, it can be safe and effective to clean the frame of fruit and vegetables rack. If you go to the grocery store, check out the vegetable and fruit stand: fruits and vegetables are well placed on the clean surface, you will have the desire to buy. So one can imagine, cleaning the table is very important to promote consumption. In addition, the supermarket shelves for fruit and vegetable skills reflect the fresh professional standards of a supermarket,


How to use the vegetable rack and make customers want to buy is very important.

1 The shelf products of the supermarket are the first fresh, rich, and clean products. The visualization according to the product categories (such as: Vegetable leaves, roots, etc.) makes the customers easy to identify the purchase, and encourage impulse buying. The screen according to the color of the product, harmony, contrast or symmetry.

2 Supermarket shelf products placed must be solid. It is not easy to fall, otherwise it could make you lose customers.

By planning the layout of steel vegetable rack with the screen, you can create a lively atmosphere, to improve the customer's attention and then improve the desire to buy. To stay fresh, be sure to pay attention to quality and shelf life. It is also necessary to pay attention to food products.

3 although the price of vegetables is scarce, it is important to maintain the freshness of the vegetables; 


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