How to Choose the Right Checkout Counter for Your Supermarket or Store?

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When we start with the establishment of the store we have to take the checkout counter into account, it is not only a place where we charge the client; this element is a place where the shop assistant interacts with the customer and, in most cases, where the sale is achieved.

checkout counter

The checkout counter can also be used as an exhibitor using display cases or semi-showcase that will allow us to display products. The most used are the semi-display counters that go with the glass lid and a small front of between 12 and 20 cm of glass way that will allow us to see the products exposed inside. However, there’s also a blind space to lodge the computer equipment, musical device or the personal objects of the person who works in the store. In this type of counters, impulsive purchase items are often added as complements or products of reduced size.


Another important point to consider when choosing a checkout counter for your store is its location within the premises. You should always look for an area that does not take much space to display product. Most times, it is placed in front of the warehouse door so that it will be our private workspace. If the shop where the counter is to be placed is large, a U-shaped counter can be placed in the center of the store, which will allow us to delimit the client's journey and the clerk will have from that point an overall view of the entire store.


It was time to choose the design of the fast food checkout counter. It will depend a bit on our budget and the design of the place. However, it has to go with the same design as the rest of the furniture and panels of the store. There are many counters for stores in the current market if we are starting or you think that your business does not require a counter with a very prominent design I would advise some economic counter style


If, on the other hand, you need a checkout counter with a more attractive design or for reasons of distribution of your items, you need something to measure, I recommend you to go for shop counters.

In one way or another, you need to seek advice from professionals in the sector who will help you choose the right counter for your business.


Another fundamental aspect of the counter is to choose its components properly. You need to consider if you need drawers if you are going to install a POS or a checkout counter, if it is an anti-theft system. It is advisable to leave the heat on the top, and a drawer below for once removed the alarms to the products to be able to introduce the alarms in that drawer.


In summary, the most important aspects of choosing a suitable counter are:

Design, location within the store, know if we want an cheap checkout counters or on the contrary we need a custom-made one or with a special design, choose if we want it blind or with a showcase


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