Plastic vegetable rack VS metal vegetable rack

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When it comes to the vegetables whether in our homes or in the grocery, there is one thing that is very essential – Storage. To ensure that our vegetables are well protected both in quality, integrity and shelf life, then it is important that we engage in an effective packaging process. In the grocery aisle where many customers troop to select their choices of fruits and vegetables, it is critical that good storage conditions are provided.

However, the type of storage that we select will depend on the type of fruit or vegetable and what will work best to ensure that the products are enclosed properly. Again, the type of storage system that we choose for the vegetables should be one that will ensure that the hygienic state of these products are not compromised. The method of storage of the vegetables should be designed to effectively withstand various conditions which may be encountered in the supply chain for those supermarket businesses.

It is also important to consider how well we can retrieve the vegetables from the storage. So, when making our choice of a storage, this point has to be taken into consideration. Having a good understanding of the storage process will help us in selecting the most appropriate storage equipment for our vegetables.

Having said all these, the next thing that we intend to discuss in this article is the types of vegetable storage that we have – the vegetable rack. According to the material used in their design, there are basically two types of storage racks; they are the plastic vegetable rack and the metal vegetable rack. 

Let us give a quick comparison of these two types of storage rack as it will enable us in making the right choice of rack for our business.

Plastic vegetable rack

plastic vegetable rack

The plastic vegetable rack consist primarily of plastic materials. They are relatively lightweight when compared to the metal counterpart. Plastic vegetable racks will provide a smooth surface and are not easily affected by the prevailing immediate environmental conditions such as temperature. It is easier to have different shades of the plastic vegetable racks in display as seen in the supermarkets and groceries. The aesthetic display enabled by the plastic colors is another marketing strategy to attract customers to the vegetables.

One good property of this plastic rack is the fact that it cannot rust.  This means that even when exposed to moisture and probably other environmental conditions that favor rust, it will maintain its integrity. However, when it comes to strength, great impact or pressure can easily affect the plastic vegetable rack more than it will for the metal vegetable racks.


Metal Vegetable Rack


Now, considering the metal vegetable racks, they have more weight due to the metallic material component. While the metal racks can be coated with plastics, they are prone to rust especially when there is a breach on any part allowing moisture to penetrate. However, the metal vegetable rack is also easy to maintain and adapts to immediate temperature quicker than the plastic rack.

Both storage racks are easy to maintain and effective in the storage of vegetables. However, one factor that you must not fail to consider is the quality of the vegetable rack you want to purchase which is invariably dependent on your choice of manufacturer.


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