How To Choose The Best Racking Systems For Your Supermarket Meat Storage

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If you own a supermarket, it is crucial for you to choose an appropriate racking system because this would determine the success or failure of your business. There are several factors which you need to consider when it comes to choosing a rack system for your meat storage. You need to consider any changes which you might want to make in the future so as to create additional space in the present warehouse and provide a conducive environment for meat storage. In this content, we would discuss some of the essential things which must be considered when choosing a racking system for your supermarket meat storage.

supermarket meat storage


It is crucial to consider the storage density by analysing the volumes according to the SKU standards. This will help in the identification of various storage methods as well as opportunities such as pallet flow, double-deep, drive-in as well as push-back racks. These can significantly boost the cube consumption within a warehouse unit.

It is also crucial to know the choices available for you. If you need specific pallets accessible for use at all times, the deep-lane storage option may not be suitable for your supermarket. This is because you might have to cover the pallets whenever the space is not adequate.

Whenever you are choosing deep-lane alternative, you need to identify and understand the specific requirement of your business. Is it based on FIFO (First in, First Out) or LIFO (Last in, First Out) concept? This will determine the kind of shopping meat storage required for your business. It is however essential to evaluate your options appropriately because the buried pallets can considerably add to your material handling costs.You also need to be careful with the kind of picking profiles that you have. What are the kinds of orders you are dealing with? The kind of orders that you deal with as well as the specific requirements of the pick zones will have a great influence on the kind of rack that you select for your warehouse.If you are operating a specialized storage such as a double deep or drive-in rack, you must consider opting for a forklift access. You must always ensure the rack system are designed with respect to specific requirements of the supermarket. You must also take special measures so as to reduce any kind of damage to the product as well as racks so as to ensure a safer working environment.

You must also check the variations in the racking so as to ensure you are safe. Any form of damage in the bottom board can have a negative influence on the safety of the product as well as the driver. You might as well require extra rack components like racking supports so as to remove any issues which is associated with inconsistent types of rack.

Whenever you are choosing rack for supermarket meat storage, you need to first consider the various local, state as well as federal codes to your location before making any installation. This is because if your location comes under high-risk areas for earthquakes, you will need to implement more rigorous engineering structure for the structure as well as racks.



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