Can You Save A Buck or Two at the Supermarket?

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Producer of advertising or promotional displays: the marketing range

To accommodate space and volume on your store counter or your home bank, promotional display stands to showcase your products will have a significant impact on your sales and save you a buck or two.

Promotional display stands will add value to certain complementary or accessory products in your store. They increase the average basket of shoppers through the cross-selling system.

The promotional display stand is quite suitable for all types of signs and for all events. They adapt to a hairdressing counter as well as a stand during a salon. They also adapt to a reception desk.

promotional table

Promotional displays can be used to achieve several different goals thus:

  • Communicate about the business or products/services available for sale by making brochures and business documents available to the public.

  • Animate the sales area by playing on volumes and alternating commercial operations. Let's mention the highlighting of a product, distribution of flyers for a game organized by the store offered on a presentation counter.

  • Develop a partnership and affiliation policy. In this case, advertising or promotional displays will be used to distribute flyers with a discount code for other banners.

Advertising displays: versatile as it can be custom made to suit your business need

Your countertop displays can be custom made in PVC or cardboard. The wide variety of formats available ensures a minimum footprint. Depending on your project, it is also possible to choose a standard form of cutting to reduce manufacturing costs. The advertising displays are then customized. They can be white, colored. They can even take the colors of the sign or advertising campaign.


You can also add this to small advertising furniture to introduce a decorative effect. For example, on a central table for hairdressers. The presence of an advertising candle holder or a decorative PLV vase creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It focuses on the brands used by the establishment.

Whether it's storing, protecting, presenting or transporting, the promotional display stand has the solution and technology to design displays to perfectly meet your needs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the promotional display stand is very important equipment to present your products, to stall them well, to communicate your product. It can be dressed with certain relevant stickers to add more beauty and pass information better to potential customers.

The promotional display stands come in a wide range and can use different materials (cardboard, metal, plastic, and wood). No limit, except creativity!

The floor display

They land directly on sidewalks, store lobbies, etc. The floor display is a foldable, double-sided and mobile advertising medium that adapts to all points of sale.

The counter display

From the flyer distributor to the advertising display stand, its variations are numerous. It can be placed on any available flat surface.

The wall display

This is a single-sided display stand fixed or leaning against a wall. It is ideal for presenting flyers or flyers.

The rack display

The rack display, which allows you to present a product for sale and display an advertising message associated with this product.

Sure! with the growing global market and the fierce competition, the promotional display will have a significant impact on your sales, help you take a good stand and save you a buck or two!


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