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It is common to have some items thrust into the waste bin simply because they have become old and are no longer attractive. Possibly, you’ve dished out the same advice to a friend as a good way to keep their home safe and clean. But do you think that’s a good idea? How would feel to have that old vegetable rack turned into an herb garden around your home? It’s something quite attractive and everyone would desire to have.

Well, the UPCYCLING PROJECT is one way you are sure to turn those old items in your home into something quite amazing and attractive.

It’s a great opportunity to turn your trash into a lovely vertical garden. It is perfect for your small patio particularly in a small space or your kitchen courtyard

No doubt, throwing away things is a lot easier than building them. However, if you’re set for your vegetable rack upcycling project, then below are what you would need to get started:

  • Old three-tiered wire vegetable rack

  • 80-grit sandpaper for getting rid of rust

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in duck-egg blue

  • Paintbrush to clean out dirt and roughness

  • Moss (soaked in a bucket of water)

  • Landscaping cloth

  • Scissors

  • Potting soil

  • Herbs and lettuce seeds or seedlings

When it comes to turning a vegetable rack into a vertical herb garden, there are specific processes that have to be followed. These processes which will be highlighted should be done systematically in order to achieve a unique decoration.

How to turn a vegetable rack into a vertical herb garden

1. In order to get a smooth surface instead of any rust or roughness, you need to Sand the vegetable rack lightly.

2. The rack should be cleaned up by washing with soapy water and air drying.

3. The tray should be painted with Annie Sloan Chalk preferably. You don’t need a primer at this time. Another good option is to use the water-based enamel. 2 to 3 light coats should be enough to cover the mesh completely.

4. Soak the moss in a bucket of water, then line each tray with the wet moss.

5. With the use of scissors cut the landscaping cloth in such a way that each piece of cloth fits snugly into each tray. Fill the lined trays with the potting soil.

6. Plant lettuce and herbs. Don’t fail to water them then leave to settle.


There are lots of advantages of the upcycling project, particularly to the economy. You can learn from this project that nothing is actually a waste in the real sense, just what you choose to make of it. As you can see, an attractive herb garden decoration is created from an old vegetable rack. This décor is what anyone would want to see around his/her home. You are sure to have a clean environment free of wastes which would have presented an untidy and unhealthy site. Sure you have all the knowledge to turn your old vegetable rack into an astonishing decoration. Try it!


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