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Comfort at home is partly based on the ability to have virtually all you need readily handy at any corner of your home. Once you are able to pick or have items of similar categorization from just a stretch of your hand at your home, you tend to feel happy, less stressed at home or in the office.

Are you in your kitchen and would like to have all your cooking ingredients and recipe readily within reach? Possibly, you might just be having a good and memorable moment outdoor with family members or friends and would like to have varieties of fruits to keep the day going smoothly and happily.

Such moments and more can be made more enjoyable and less stressful with the multi-storey plastic basket storage rack which is designed and built to fit into virtually every corner of your home, be it in the kitchen, balcony, bathroom, hallway, living room or used outdoor.


Features of the 4-Storey Kitchen Plastic Basket Storage Rack

Built with an environmentally friendly plastic material which makes it relatively easy and cool to use within your home and even in the office, the multi-storey plastic storage basket rack comes with various features and design which makes using it fun that gives no headache.

1. Easy to AssembleTB2hoJEgamWBuNjy1XaXXXCbXXa_!!168263123

You don’t need any operation manual to set up the multi-storey plastic storage rack. With the last tray having the longest legs, all you need to do is just fix the other parts of the basket in succession on the last tray. And so, your multi-storey plastic basket storage rack is ready and set to keep your vegetables, fruits and other consumables you may decide to keep in it.

2. Well Ventilated

With the vent design of the multi-storey plastic storage basket rack, it makes it difficult for your fruits and other vegetables to get warm and stuffy which might give rise to the growth of bacteria and other microbes that may cause the spoilage of such materials. Also, the vented design of the multi-storey plastic storage basket rack gives no hiding room to insects which may creep in to attack your vegetables and fruits.  

3. Strong and Lightweight

Built with the intention to give comfort and the ease of moving around easily to any part of your home, the multi-storey plastic basket storage rack is designed to be lightweight so that it can easily be moved about. Despite the light weight of the multi-storey plastic kitchen storage rack, it is built to be very strong and durable so that it can hold your fruits, vegetables, toiletries and other consumable comfortably depending on where you choose to use it.   

4. Portable with well-balanced legs

Without any intent to consume the already tight space in your home, the multi-storey plastic storage rack is designed very slimly yet sturdy so that the ease of moving it from one corner of your home to the other won’t be defeated. Also, the well-measured and balanced legs of the multi-storey plastic storage basket rack is sure to help you keep it anywhere within your home and be rest assured that it will stand comfortably at its designated spot. Mind you, make sure the floor is well balanced and smooth as well.


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