How Tall Should A Checkout Counter Be?

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Cashier area can occupy one-tenth of a store's storefront. Although the area is small, it can be used very effectively. In fact, it is possible to arrange small commodities for sale according to their own advantages, to give more display opportunities for goods, and to promote impulsive consumption of customers. If the cashier area is used reasonably, it can bring considerable benefits to the operation of the store.

checkout counter_副本

The height of the checkout counter is a question that should be carefully considered. Too high or too low will affect the fortune. If the height of the checkout counter is too high, it will give the customer a feeling of being thousands of miles away, so they will not want to stay in the store or are unwilling to buy items. If the checkout counter is too low, there will be an unsafe feeling, and it is not convenient for the customer to pay.

The checkout counters of many shops are very high. They generally believe that only if the checkout counter is high, it is safe, and it has the airworthiness, and the money will not leak. In fact, it is not wrong, the cashier is safe and confidential, but at the same time, he can't see other people's money. And the checkout counter is too high to block the wan, causing the "posting" to be blocked. Of course, the checkout counter should not be too low, too low and easy to leak. The most suitable height should be 1.20 meters


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