Can Supermarket Checkout Counter with Belt Improve The Efficiency of Checking?

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Every day, you can see the bustling crowds in the supermarket. Many people have a big basket of products to buy. Whenever you go to the cashier, people are constantly moving things on the cash register. Therefore, it is recommended to set up an automatic conveyor belt at the checkout counter, which not only provides convenience for the cashier, but also allows the queues to pay more orders, and orderly payment according to the order in which they are placed.

checkout counter


The checkout counter has a conveyor belt means provided with an upper run moving from a front toward a rear end of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt means is a cash register support means. This cash register support means is movable along the conveyor belt to a selected one of several positions which include a front position adjacent the front end of the conveyor belt, a rear position adjacent the rear end of the conveyor belt, and an intermediate position between the ends of the conveyor belt.


The checkout counter with belt is different from the traditional cashier used in most supermarkets. It is equipped with electric belts in front of it, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the cashiers repeatedly carrying items. The backstage uses the article separation bar and 2-3 guests at the same time. Carry out cashier services.


The operation flow is: before the previous customer scans, use the electric belt to move the item to the cashier, and then move the separation bar behind the customer's item. When scanning for customers, the latter customer can put their own items on the checkout bar on the checkout counter, and after self-packing the first customer scan checkout, the cashier can serve the next customer. It effectively reduces the efficiency of the customers during the peak hours when they wait in line for checkout.


The supermarket cashier automatic conveyor belt mainly realizes the automatic transfer of the goods purchased by the customer to the cashier, waiting for the function of scanning and checking out. The customer only needs to put down the goods at the beginning of the conveyor belt, and the cashier can take the goods at the end of the conveyor belt. The machine-controlled conveyor belt equipment, together with the control unit with PC single chip as the core, has the advantages of simple design, low cost and convenient use.


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