Focusing on the Spring Festival, supermarkets launched the New Year's Eve dinner package of prefabricated dishes

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As the Spring Festival approaches, products related to pre prepared dishes for the New Year's Eve dinner have been launched in succession. This year, in addition to major hotels and restaurants continuing to sell classic pre prepared dishes for the New Year's Eve dinner on e-commerce platforms, offline supermarket and fresh food e-commerce platforms have also targeted the big market for the New Year's Eve dinner. Yonghui Supermarket, Wal Mart, Hema, Dingdong Shopping Mall and other supermarkets and fresh food e-commerce have also launched diversified and high-quality prepared dishes for New Year's Eve dinner. Through the quick freezing and fresh locking technology and cold chain transportation, prefabricated dishes are gathering famous dishes from all over the country, powerfully disrupting the New Year's Eve dinner market, and giving people a new consumption experience of eating all over the world without leaving home.

Prefabricated vegetables become the "best products" in the New Year's goods market

Yonghui Supermarket's own brand "Huima Comes Home" focuses on family dinner, increases the business of prefabricated dishes, and launches "Huiyan Series" and "Huichu Series", including more than 30 types of prefabricated dishes, such as mutton pot, fat pork hand, and fan bone. "Huima Arrives Home" launched the "Huiyan Series", which focuses on roast fish, pork belly chicken and other banquet dishes, and is easy to operate. For the scenes of three meals a day and supper nights, the "Huichu Series" is launched, which focuses on home style stir fry such as boiled beef and garlic flavored chops.

In the pre prepared food section of Wal Mart, the labels of Beijing cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, etc. are striking. Dongpo Pork in Dongpo, Meizhou, Fugui's hooves in Shanghai's old restaurants, and salt baked chicken in Taotaoju... More than 70 restaurant signature dishes have been engraved on the family table in the form of prefabricated dishes. These prepared dishes cover cold dishes, hot dishes, staple foods, desserts, soup and other categories, and customers can easily prepare a table of family dinner.

In response to the demand of consumers for New Year's Eve dinner at home, Hema has also prepared a finished New Year's Eve dinner set meal and various new prefabricated New Year dishes. In addition to the essential classical dishes such as braised pork and squirrel fish on the New Year's Eve dinner table, citizens can also buy more local specialties this year, including the Babao glutinous rice red paste crab, which is often eaten in Fujian, and the Tiejiao chicken mushroom soup pot from Yunnan. Hema data shows that since New Year's Day, the sales of prefabricated New Year's dishes have increased nearly four times on a weekly basis.

Ding Dong's food shopping platform has launched the "eight bowls" series of traditional banquets focusing on the flavor of hometown. These classic dishes that remind consumers all over the world of the New Year are now becoming convenient and easy to operate Kwai. Ding Dong's vegetable buying data shows that the sales volume of dishes related to New Year's Eve dinner has increased by five times compared with last year.

In the past two years, various supermarkets have successively introduced prefabricated dishes. According to Deloitte's report, the market size of prefabricated dishes in China will be about 550 billion yuan in 2022, and the compound growth rate is expected to reach 13% in the next five years. The penetration rate of prefabricated dishes in the C-end consumer market will gradually increase, and young consumers will gradually become the main force in the consumption of prefabricated dishes.


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