Focused on Supermarket Cash Counter: A Simple Way to Choose It

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One of the most important pieces of equipment for stores and supermarkets are checkout counters.

When they were invented they were not much more than a way of adding up the sales that were being made to a customer or over a period of time as well as a place to keep the sales money.



What is a checkout counter?

The checkout counter for shops, is nowadays much more than a device to add the items of a sale, or record the sales of a day. With the popularization of computers and the great development that checkout counters have had, today they can perform different functions.

Most checkout counters consist of a kind of keyboard that is used to type the quantities and prices, a drawer where money is stored, plus an integrated or independent mechanism for printing receipts.


Functions of the cash counters.

Yes, a modern supermarket cash counter serves multiple functions such as:

· Record sales

· Some allow the processing of credit card payments by integrating the reader of the same

· They can also allow registering each customer's purchases to use affiliate marketing.

· Inventory control

· Fiscal control

Accessories of a checkout counter

The checkout counter are perhaps the piece of equipment for stores and supermarkets that has evolved the most since it was invented. Nowadays, some of them take advantage of all the advantages of technology and become a source of information for the management and decision making of the establishment. This has led to the addition of "accessories" that allow additional functions or facilitate and make more efficient the basic functions of a checkout counter.


Within these accessories are:

Drawer for cash: It is the drawer of money, with separations for coins and bills and usually with a double fund that also allows you to store other documents as proof of credit card payments, changes and refunds, etc.

Scanner or barcode reader: For an establishment such as a supermarket, with a large number of different items, having a barcode reader can make the payment process in a box much more efficient than if they had The right equipment can even be a way to control inventory.

Receipt printer: In the most modern checkout counter the device for printing receipts or "tickets" is separated from the main body.

Difference between a cash counter and a point of sale terminal

Actually, a point-of-sale terminal, better known as POS software, is much more a cash counter, or could be seen as the most modern version since it consists of a terminal, usually integrated into a network with other POS or other computers that also usually has a barcode reader and a printing module for receipts (tickets).

The checkout counter have advanced a lot, the most recent models even include the possibility of printing reports to the newspaper, or per client, but the point of sale terminals go much further, they are usually integrated with the accounting system so not only They control sales but also inventories and costs.

The POS in addition to the physical unit that would be the keyboard with the drawer and its accessories as bar code reader and printer, use a piece of software that is the one that manages all the information.

The really important thing is that if you want to buy equipment for shops and supermarkets look for suppliers who can advise to choose the best checkout counter or TPV cheap according to the needs of your business.


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