3 Tier Fruit and Vegetable Display

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If you want to catch the attention of your customers with your fresh produce, then it is recommended that you display them in an appropriate manner. Good displays go a long way in improving visibility which can create impulse buys. Again, uniquely designed displays for fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables are essential not just in attracting customers but also to prolong their shelf life while preventing from getting easily spoilt.

vegetable racks for supermarket

Basically, tier display systems or racking framework should offer a storage solution for both domestic and commercial uses – such as the vegetable and fruit retailers.

Due to the unique structure and convenience offered by the uniquely designed 3 tier fruit and vegetable display system, they have been highly utilized.

Now, let us consider different types of 3 tier fruit and vegetable display systems which are used in both domestic and commercial purposes thus;


Tablecraft FTB3 Details

This unique tier display is great for displaying fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a chrome-plated metal fruit basket that creates an organized and sophisticated presentation. With this unique 3 tier display system, you can easily showcase oranges, limes, lemons and more as part of your cocktail station or juice bar display. It occurs in different sizes ranging from the small, medium to the larger tier and helps to keep workstations clutter-free and clean.

The tablecraft display is perfect for colorful fruit display and buffet centerpieces to catch the attention of your guest.  It is designed to ensure that you don’t lose valuable tabletop space.


The fruit and vegetable display is an attractive piece of furniture designed for displaying products in large quantities. It is easy to install. It has a portable and mobile display and adjustable. It is made up of components, such as wood and stainless steel. There are several models are available too.

Single-sided fruit and vegetable display

Composed of three levels

  • First model: single-sided metal vegetable display

- Composed of three levels and Display unit for fruit and vegetables

- Shelves tilted 22 degrees.

- Height adjustable level.

  • Second model: single-sided metal vegetable display in solid pine

This is entirely made of solid raw pine, It has a 1 level in depth 480 inclined by 27 degrees, openwork bottom made of solid pine shelf, front full Optional wheels on request,Furniture is delivered raw, it can be varnished, painted or azure by you.

French manufacturing.


supermarket vegetable racks

  • Third model: single-sided stainless steel vegetable display

The  Fruit & vegetable display unit entirely in stainless steel, double level including 1 inclined, double-sided.

The possibility of storage in the lower part.

Available with shelf bottoms in shelves, stainless steel tube or plastic.


  • Fourth model: single-sided modular metal vegetable display

Entirely, STAINLESS STEEL for outdoor use and maintenance simplifies.

Benefit from support from the design of your project to its completion with

competitive prices and deadlines.

The metal fruit and vegetable display is an attractive design furniture that allows you to

highlight your products and make them visible.

It is possible to add up to 2 additional levels to this shelving unit for stores.

· Metal furniture in crate or deposit version.

· Possible use of misting or nebulization.

· The possibility of integrating 1 or 2 additional levels.


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