What is the Ideal Way to Use Supermarket Ice Display Table?

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The Supermarket ice fresh stand is important equipment for most retail businesses, particularly for those who sell a wide range of items that require cold environments to retain its quality. This is the case for most supermarkets who have other items that need to be kept constantly at low temperatures.

Supermarket ice fresh stand

However, there are several questions that come to the mind when you think of the supermarket ice fresh stand. One of them is how it can be used, the best way to have them installed. We will be providing an answer to this question but, we’d also be considering a few important things you need to know about the supermarket ice display stand as a retailer.

Let’s get started!

 Which ice is the most suitable to expose your merchandise?

Choosing the right supermarket ice fresh stand is decisive for the presentation of fresh goods, such as fish, seafood, beverages and more.

The important thing is your merchandise

The supermarket ice fresh stand serves to:

  • create the right base: a slightly structured white layer of ice highlights the colors and shape of the fillets, whole fish or crustaceans.

  • allow an inclination of the exposure towards the client and modeling of the presentation surface

  • keep the fish fresh, that is, cold, moist and intact


Therefore, the supermarket ice fresh stand or table must have a series of properties:

  • the different pieces should have an attractive color and shape

  • it should serve to model the exhibition, that is, it should not slide

  • must give off enough moisture to keep the fish fresh and carry secretions

  • it cannot be too cold, so it does not stick to the fish and it does not freeze

  • must be soft and without sharp edges so as not to damage the fillets

  • it must be kept for a long time, that is, the pieces must be large and thick enough so that you do not have to add ice too often

  • it must remain loose, without clumping; in this way, the appearance is preserved for a longer time and it is avoided to damage the fish when it is removed from the ice.

Do not forget to rebuild the ice base every morning. This means that most of the ice should be available in the morning; it is produced at night and stored in a silo. Therefore, it is especially important that the ice does not cake during storage.

In the supermarkets, ice is often used as chips or as ice in flakes to expose the merchandise. However, the crushed ice possesses more than the necessary characteristics: with its temperature of -0.5 ° C and the different possible granulations, it gathers storage capacity, softness, and long durability. However, the appearance of crushed ice is excellent for presenting products.

Apart from the supermarket ice table stand serving as storage equipment in the supermarket, their method of use or installation is very important for any retail business. It should be placed or used in such a way that it displays the items and makes them conspicuous enough to the shopper. The supermarket ice stand has a way of improving sales as shoppers walk through the isle of the mall. 


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