The first batch of

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The first batch of "love pepper" put on the supermarket shelves

The home park Supermarket and the Julu farmers signing of the underwriting agreement

WASHINGTON Oct. 10, 11 am, filled a cart space pepper, home the park supermarket and Julu flood port village farmers signed a vegetable purchase agreement. From that day onwards, the home park supermarket daily from the village about 1500 kg of procurement Space Law. 15:00 the same day, the morning just off fresh space pepper to put into the supermarket shelves.

On October 10, the newspaper selling space pepper "Xingtai public microblogging users crying," "The reported Julu flood port village farmers the hair microblogging sell Space Law regarding the theme. October 9, the city home park supermarket that the plight of the farmers since the microblogging immediately with farmers made contact, and it is agreed the next day to come to the procurement of Space Law.

Trucks to pull Space Law

At 9:30 on October 10 Xu, the supermarket lorries to the the vegetable greenhouses former Hongchun outlet village, the home of the Paradise Group president Chen Yunfeng several people to come for the procurement of Space Law.

The good farmers has space pepper Abstract, just waiting for the trucks to be able to check weighing. "You have come here, the Space Law 不愁卖 the we!" Farmers Gao Zhiqiang said.

"Space Law of very good quality, good taste, bright color, but also fresh." Double-check of Space Law, the procurement department of the supermarket fresh Zhangqi Hai said, "shipped to the city, is certainly very easy to sell."

The buyer Space Law is put into turnover boxes, weighing upon the purchase price paid on the spot farmers. The same day, the village eight farmers to sell at a price of 1.2 yuan / kg 1500 kg Space Law.

Future space the pepper home park should the

11 pm the same day, a simple underwriting agreement signing ceremony was held before the vegetable greenhouses. Future home park supermarket acquisition of about 1500 kg Space Law from the village every day, cash transactions, day-end Nissin farmers responsible for picking and weighing supermarket responsible for transport.

Two days ago, when the farmers are also intends to get up early to go early morning the Julu city selling space pepper. "After the agreement was signed, we do not have the early morning on the up," said Gao Zhiqiang, "will concentrate on vegetables on the line."

"These two days, in addition to the home park, Shijiazhuang Northland supermarket and we contacted some vegetable wholesalers also contact me," said Gao Zhiqiang, thank you, and the Space Law marketability open, after discussion, decided to Space pepper sold to home paradise supermarket. "

Space Law is put on the supermarket shelf

15 o'clock in the morning picking fresh space pepper formally put on the shelves of the the home park Tianyi supermarket vegetables. Sell a good friend, inexpensive space pepper immediately by the public are welcome. "Fresh and cheap, a look you want to buy." Juan said the people, and then an introduction, much to buy some, "We got benefits solution villagers urgent needs."

"We are conducting Farm Program, purchasing vegetables directly from the fields. Solve both the sales problems of the farmers, but also to reduce the intermediate links home park supermarket space pepper sold will be lower than the market price."-Home park said president ChenYunFeng.


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