The cashier should not be placed on the plants and Lucky Cat

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Cashier feng shui taboos: cashier should not be too high

A lot of people want to shop atmosphere seemed so broke a very high the great cashier. Some people in order to get high security only then the cashier. But this understanding is wrong, cashier, that people can not see your money, but at the same time you do not see other people's money. In Feng Shui, which is the file GIRO shop.

Cashier feng shui taboos: cashier plants should not be placed and Lucky Cat

Open a shop like pendulum plants which are conducive to wealth and Lucky Cat at the cash register. But in fact, these things are just decoration only not achieve little Lucky's role. In Feng Shui, a good cashier should be clean, simple, put these things may block the busy gas, gas coming fiscal.

The cashier feng shui taboos: checkout should not rely on the fish tank or pond too close

Saying goes fast, and mountain pipe spawned, plumbing fiscal, so a lot of people will put a fish tank in the cashier or shop, we will be rolling in money. But it is also must pay attention to the cashier with the fish tank to have a certain distance, to talk about the position to talk about aging, there must be provisions.

Cashier feng shui taboos: cashier not to look in the mirror

In Feng Shui, the mirror is a very scary thing, well like, with poor bad. The mirror itself with evil spirits, wealth necessarily bad if the cashier in front of a mirror, in short, not too busy. Therefore the use of a mirror preferably with masters discuss as well.

Cashier feng shui taboos: behind the cash register should not be in space

Behind the cash register should not be in space, that is behind the cash register can not be left rear no reliable, this is a big taboo in the cashier feng shui. Financial gas generally come from the front, so the front should be empty, the back should be real.


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