Pay attention to several points to effectively improve the passenger flow

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In the era when online and offline marketing models go hand in hand, how will physical store sales improve customer flow. How to let consumers know the promotion activities at the first time without being disturbed, and spend a small amount of money to convey the information in a timely manner.

Take full advantage of social media

Usually, you can interact with customers and add social media such as WeChat.

sales promotion

Use social media to publish activity information in advance, and enjoy discounts with members (increase the number of members registered). Words do not need to be too much, they are only used to attract consumers' attention. And hang activity banners in the mall, and then broadcast publicity.

Activity mode

It is better to give cash coupons for full consumption. In the information age, the way of discount is not as attractive as before. The form of cash coupon can promote the secondary consumption and stabilize the passenger flow.

After sales

Ensure the best customer service. In the service industry, the price war is not completely in line with the current promotion strategy. High cost performance and excellent service are the effective promotion methods in line with the current price segment.

"New, unique and special" attracts consumers' attention

Traditional consumer goods can no longer satisfy the public's aesthetic standards. New customers (goods that cannot be purchased online) can be attracted by appropriately adding new, strange shaped and distinctive goods.

matters needing attention

The mainstream consumer group of the supermarket is still young. The best choice is to make more use of young people's consumption concept to promote activities, which can effectively improve the customer flow, create a unique consumption experience, and lead the consumption trend.


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