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Think about the best positon to install the fruit and vegetable rack. It should be done in such a way that a client would find more comfortable and attractive. The grocery rack should not hinder the passage of customers. Remember, too, that in this type of store, buyers like to have fruit and vegetables nearby.

On the other hand, you should never neglect the cleanliness of the store, as well as the order in it. For those who sell a lot of grocery items, it should be organized as much as possible. No customer would like to see your fruit and vegetable rack messy and neglected.

fruit and vegetable rack


Look around your store. Where can you stock varieties of fresh produce so that they can easily be seen by customers? The answer to this question will help you determine how much produce you can stock in the fruit & vegetable rack and what type of promotions you can hold within your store.

• After reviewing your business plan, can you identify items that can be moved, decreased, or eliminated to make room for the fresh produce items you would like to carry?

• Check if you have any vendor contracts that require you to keep certain items in the front of your store before you move anything (e.g., if an ice cream company gave you a free freezer with their name on it under the condition that you place it within 20 feet of your front door). If you choose to change your floor plan, try to leave enough room for customers to shop, and be careful to keep household and food items separate (e.g., do NOT place bleach near a basket of apples).

• Are you using your sales space for all it’s worth? Try to avoid using your valuable floor space to store items that could be kept in your backroom.

The way your store looks can affect how much produce you sell. If your sales floor is cluttered, customers may assume your produce is not fresh. If your store displays a lot of alcohol and tobacco advertisements, people may not realize you sell fresh produce.

Are there any visual improvements that you will need to make to help your fresh produce selection seem more attractive (replacing unnecessary, cluttered, or damaged signs with attractive signage, clear pricing on shelf talkers, proper lighting, etc.)? Once you have completed your customer surveys and evaluated your business plan, you are prepared to decide if a produce marketing plan is right for you, your business, and the community that you serve.

Even in the busiest stores there are displays that simply do not turn quickly for a variety of reasons, such as having too much space or misallocation of the space provided. While this is not a problem with “hardware” items (like onions, potatoes, winter squash, or watermelons), highly perishable items, such as tomatoes or berries, require several turns a day to remain fresh. If you keep only a layer or two on display, the product will stay fresh, but the customer may think that there is a lack of selection, which brings sales down. So the goal is to look full without using a lot of product. One way to do this is to “dummy up” your displays. In this example, we’ll look at the process of dummying up a display of tangerines. 


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