How Long the Supermarket Promotion Table can be Used?

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All businesses have one thing in common; which is to make a profit. But before you talk business profit, there must be a way of promoting the products or services. For supermarkets, one of the best ways of creating awareness about a specific product is by using the promotion table.

promotional table displays

The promotion table portrays the idea of a particular brand and provides information about a particular promo that could be ongoing at the moment.

Now, the promotion table can last as long as possible depending on how the users handle it. The promotion table should be used as long as the promotion lasts. Just like every other display equipment used in the supermarkets and grocery stores such as the shelves, racks, and others, this special promotional display tables needs some level of maintenance. It ranges from dusting to mild cleaning activities which makes it sparkling and good for the business day.

The Promotion table is very easy to install. It fits the promotion activity and can be used as long as the promotion lasts.

The Promotion table easy to handle and comfortable to carry to strategic positions set for the activity.

The promotion table is super in quality and competitive in price

When it comes to the size, the cash counter table has a normal graphic size thus: 40x80x180 cm

When it comes to the Packing, the promotion table package is designed with a padded duffel bag inside, hard outer carton box.

When it comes to its application, the promotion table is widely used for exhibitions, advertising, trade fairs, meetings, and other related events.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the portable promotional table thus;

1. Materials: PVC foam board, foam board, ABS board, etc.

2. Full-color digital printing could be eight passes with high resolution of 1440 PPP.

3. Various types, images, and sizes available.

4. Use in: advertising, promotion, exhibition, fair and exhibition, etc.

5. low price, high quality, durable in use, fast delivery.

6. packing: export carton.

7.20 '' FCL can contain approximately 328 pieces

8. it is fashionable for the promotion of supermarket



For the Outdoor plastic tasting table light advertising promotion stand, there is Specification thus:

1. Stable: Aluminum gear style structure, all the support is very stable and durable

2. Easy to set up with a folding structure.

3. It has the mobile door with a lock so that it can be used as secure storage, especially at a trade fair.

4. It is a good choice for the reception desk.

5. Hot sales of the market, especially for the European market in Germany and the Czech market.

6. Using an improved locking system, more durable

7. Graphic material: PP paper, after graphic printing, after pasting the graphic to the panel by machine

Basically, the promotional table displays is designed for exhibitions, advertising, trade fairs, meetings, and other related events. However, it can be used as long as such activities would last, though some supermarkets tend to keep them even after such events. 


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