According to different business districts, flexible convenience store displays can better attract customers

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As the saying goes, do as the Romans do when in Rome. When we want to open a convenience store or choose a location for a chain convenience store, we will first investigate the local pedestrian flow and consumer groups on site. Why are we doing these actions? Naturally, it is to predict whether this place is a profitable location first. In fact, after considering the flow of people, we should also examine the consumer groups in this business district. Different consumer groups will naturally change the display of convenience stores. This is what we mean. Different business districts require flexible convenience store displays to better attract customers.

1. College Business Circle

When we open chain convenience stores in the campus business circle, everyone should understand that our customer base is mostly students. Students attach great importance to the environmental hygiene and service items of their stores. The checkout counter should preferably be located on the left side of the entrance. Students have a large sales volume of fresh food, and we should increase the category of fresh food such as grilled sausages, tea eggs, and brown corn. You can also add some bubble gum and other items to the cash register subframe. Then bread and milk should be placed in prominent areas, followed by candy and chocolate. Finally, if the total area of the store is sufficient to store some stationery for sale.

2. Business Center

Entering commercial services and residential areas, the active lines of convenience stores should be bread and milk, candy and chocolate, and the second trend is the design of interior displays for daily necessities. The safe passage is maintained at around 80 centimeters, and the display in the display window should be prevented from being too high and blocking the view. We can collaborate with express delivery companies to increase customer traffic, but we need to scientifically schedule the time relationship between the express delivery company and convenience stores.

3. Community Business Circle

The total area of chain convenience stores in the residential commercial district must be above the 80 floor plan. The snacks, vegetables, and fruits of the product should be complete. If the location allows, a rest area for 3-6 people can be created to provide consumers with rest and chat. At the same time, the reasonable layout of products must have relevance, such as the relationship between beverage cabinets and snacks, the relationship between Penghua and cookies, the relationship between candy chocolate and small toys, and the relationship between toast and milk.

4. Pedestrian Street Business District

Chain convenience stores on commercial pedestrian streets, if they do not sell fresh food, can be controlled within 60 square meters, with a large range implying cost fees. Considering that street stores specialize in mobile group business, it is important to showcase tobacco more prominently, as mobile customer groups only give you a 3-second opportunity. Maintain transparency like a showcase, without sticking to manufacturer advertisements. At the same time, midsummer drinks are also a category that is very well sold in the market.

For those who open supermarkets, in different business circles, they must learn to flexibly display and design the market to sell suitable products, in order to better attract customers and promote sales objectives.


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