5 ways to choose the right ice fresh stand for supermarket

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So you are looking to buy a new ice fresh stand for your store, and you are still facing difficulties for the right product? No need to worry, we got you covered to look out for the right features before buying a new ice fresh stand.

As we all know the smell of a fish is unbearable. So keeping it in your store requires a lot of hard work, cleaning and making sure that it is fresh. Many customers will avoid your supermarket just because you didn' t pay attention to your seafood section. So we are going to discuss some key features so can you buy the right ice fresh stand for your store.


ice fresh stand

Search for right standard:

Since the ice fresh stand name indicates that it is going to hold a lot of ice, so you need to make sure that you are looking for the right build quality. If the melting ice leaves the rust on the base or legs of the stand, it' s not good. Stands built with steel are the most optimum choice for the ice fresh stand.


Notable Presentation:

Supermarkets often have different ways of presenting the product. The more unique and attractive design you came up with the more clients you are going to attract. So you need to make sure that your ice fresh stand has multiple racks so you can better arrange the right product at the right place.


Fish need to stay fresh:

Ice food stands are mainly needed to display seafood. If your fish are not looking fresh, people will not only buy it, but they will try to avoid your superstore. If the stand is placed under the right air conditioning, it will also help in keeping the fish stay fresh.

Broad and spacious:

The ice fresh stand needs to be vast and should have space to keep a lot of product over it. The more variety of products you put on display, the more it will attract customers. If your ice fresh stand is wide, spacious and has a lot of room to put several things over it, it will give your customers different options to choose from. This little idea might not be as noticeable as it seems, but when you give your customers a lot of options, it sure leaves a good impact on your market, and they will visit regularly.


Design of stand:

So we are keeping the design in last because it might not be as important as you are thinking. As long as your product is fresh, you are keeping the ice fresh stand clean, and there is no rotten smell coming from the displayed item. People will come back to your supermarket. The ice fresh stand mostly has the same design. They come in different sizes, but the design is always the same.


In the last no matter how big your superstore is if you are keeping the right product in your ice stand, keeping the stand clean, simple and fresh. The customers will always come to your store.


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