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Retail Checkout Counter Ideas to Try in Your Store

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When it comes to your retail store, the checkout area is quite essential and not just a mustering area for your customers. You are sure to increase exposure, improve the way you wrap up cash and even provide customers with better shopping experience if you apply the right approach.


Now, let take a look at some the ways you can improve your retail checkout counter:

1. Encourage impulse buys

Impulse purchases have been shown to account for a significant amount of customer spending. To encourage impulse buys, you can allocate some space in your checkout area where you display items that customers can quickly buy on their way out.

Depending on the type of items sold in your shop, you may decide to display items such as food and drink, gift cards, small toys or kids’ products, car chargers etc. at the checkout.

2. Make it a work of art

If you are the creative or crafty type, then it’s time to let it show through cashwrap. It’s a perfect opportunity to let your checkout counter get in on the fun in addition with already creative store fixtures and the window displays.

3. Give people the chance to (digitally) browse your products

For those who manage an ecommerce store and possibly don’t have every item in-store, you can provide your shoppers with the great opportunity of browsing through the entire catalog. This can be done through handing your associates tablets which they would have to utilize when interacting with your customers.

4. Add a TV screen behind you

You are sure to enhance the feel and look of your store in addition to improving your customers’ shopping experience with television screens. The TV screens can be used to reinforce your products or brand.

5. Add a bit of “you”

You can make use of your checkout space to show off your story or your personality. You can go for decors or fixture that are quite unique and have a touch of you. This is sure to provide shoppers with a glimpse of who you are.

6. Let your lighting make a statement

You need to light your checkout counter very well. So this is the best time to invest in functional and beautiful lighting options. Go for those that will draw the attention of shoppers.

7. Add a plant

Plants could offer an inexpensive and quick way of sprucing up your counters. They are sure to breathe life into the checkout space. The good news is; they are easy and affordable to maintain.

8. Use your POS system to boost the appearance of your checkout counter

To enhance cashwrap, you always need your point of sale system. It is the most important piece of technology on your checkout counter and spruces up shopper experience. Don’t neglect it!

9. Display inspiring messages

The checkout space is another good spot to spread good vibes. You can display inspiring texts on the wall behind you or directly on top of your checkout counter.

10. Encourage social shares

You can encourage your shoppers to share images of your products and store in addition to creating contents in-house to be posted on social platforms.

11. Have something seasonal

You need to ensure that you keep your checkout counter design ever fresh by incorporating seasonal elements at when it is relevant.

12. Promote your CSR efforts

You can also promote your effort using your cash wrap. You can do this by displaying simple signs telling customers about your charitable initiatives.

With these checkout counter ideas, you are sure to make a difference in your retail business and customer shopping experience. Cheers!

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