How to avoid summer heat scientifically when high temperature comes?

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The recent high weather temperature makes many friends very uncomfortable. In the high temperature environment, the human body sweats more, which is easy to make people lose appetite and cause digestive tract diseases. Some people suffer from photodermatitis due to prolonged exposure to strong light. Dizziness, irritability, fatigue and other symptoms are common in middle-aged and elderly people. The elderly are prone to increase blood pressure and heart load, which increases the incidence of cardiovascular system. Today, I bring you the precautions for hot weather. I hope you can have a cool summer vacation.

1. Drink more water, add salt appropriately, and try to avoid eating spicy food and greasy food. Eat more fresh green foods such as fruits and vegetables, and it is best to wash them with flowing water before eating.

2. The food taken out of the refrigerator should not be eaten directly, but should be stored for a few minutes before eating. Cold and irritating food and articles should also be used less, especially for children and women in physiological period.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. It's best to have more ventilation in the house to maintain indoor air circulation and minimize the time you spend in densely populated places.

4. Try to avoid or reduce outdoor activities, especially don't go out in the hot sun at 10-12.

5. When traveling in hot weather, it is best to carry common drugs such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water, essential balm, intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs, Baoji pills, etc.

6. Take an appropriate nap at noon to supplement sleep, so that the state in the afternoon will be better.

7. Pay attention not to let the air conditioner blow directly to the head, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large.

8. It is advisable to wear sweat absorbing, loose and breathable clothes, preferably in white and light colors, and should also change and wash frequently.


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